Troy Geisser

Andrew Spector

For 23 years Troy Geisser worked for Financial Federal Credit Inc. n/k/a People’s United Equipment Finance Corp (FFCI). FFCI was the principal operating subsidiary of Financial Federal Corporation, a nationwide asset-based finance company, publicly listed on the NYSE [FIF] until its acquisition by People’s United Bank (PBCT) in February 2010. FIF was an independent financial services company specializing in financing construction, road transportation and refuse equipment through installment sales and leasing programs for dealers, manufacturers and end users nationwide. FIF was headquartered in New York and had eight full-service operations centers in Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina and California, and marketing locations across the United States. At its peak, FIF had $2.5 billion in receivables and an unparalleled track record of success in profitability, as well as success in the capital markets. There were over 75 salespeople and 250 employees.

Troy was Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel of the Company. He participated in the sale and merger of FIF, two convertible debt offerings ($100m and $175m), a secondary public offering, a $100 million medium term note program, numerous private placements and listing on the NYSE. In addition to being the General Counsel, his responsibilities included documentation, portfolio purchases, commercial litigation in State and Federal courts and in Bankruptcy Courts, SEC compliance work, proxies, employment law, drafting standard legal forms between the Company and its customers as well as transactions between the Company and its financing sources.

He managed complex litigation including corporate raiding, trade secrets and various lien priority disputes. He oversaw several hundred cases handled directly and by both inside and outside counsel. He worked closely with the Board of Directors in oversight of the Company, prepared the Proxy from 1996 and reviewed and assisted in all SEC filings of the Company until the Company was acquired.

Troy also handled EEOC claims, employment litigation and enforcement proceedings against employees who failed to comply with non-solicitation provisions. He assisted in the integration of the processes to ensure compliance by the company, was the direct contact to the NYSE and was responsible for drafting Sarbanes-Oxley documentation for the legal department and numerous other processes of the Company, In addition, he prepared and filed all documentation to comply with NYSE rules and regulations, responded to all inquiries by the NYSE, SEC and all state and federal regulatory bodies, and assisted in numerous state and federal inquiries and audits.

Troy has vast business experience. For several years he was the Division Manager of the Southeast Operations Center. Responsibilities included oversight of a portfolio of $650,000,000 in receivables, replacing the entire senior management of the Center, separating the Center from one to three Centers, (1) Waste, (2) Transportation and (3) Construction. He was also responsible for new business originations, collections, accounting, credit approvals, hiring and terminating staff and general maintenance of the portfolio. He was elected Director of three wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company. Troy assisted in due diligence of numerous potential purchase opportunities of other finance companies, portfolio acquisitions and equipment rental houses, was singularly responsible for reviewing and closing over $150 million of acquisitions of receivables from competitor finance companies, handled the integration, collection and maintenance of these portfolio purchases, and handled numerous negotiations with adversaries in state and federal court to settle litigation for and against the Company.

Troy is admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey, in the Federal District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the District of New Jersey, as well as before the Supreme Court of the United States. He presently concentrates on alternative dispute resolution, and is on the roster of mediators for the Superior Court of Essex and Atlantic Counties. Additionally, he is a volunteer mediator for the Special Civil Court for the Superior Court of the Essex Vicinage.

Direct Line: (305) 537-2000