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  • "A boutique law firm platform is clearly the way for us to personalize our services to meet the specialized needs and requirements of our clients, be it a global insurer or family-owned business."

Our Boutique Approach: Flexible, Efficient, Personal

The attorneys at Spector Rubin have gained valuable experience working at large and traditional law firms. Our attorneys have reached one inescapable conclusion – a boutique firm offering a modern, flexible platform is critical to provide tailored, industry-sensitive business expertise and personal attention to meet the needs of our clients.

Law firms typically function by compartmentalizing their attorneys into contract or litigation boxes, with sub-compartments for specific fields of law. Out of this hierarchy emerges the corporate lawyer, the environmental lawyer, the civil litigator, the real estate transactional attorney and the like that look at legal issues based upon perspective gained only from the training in their field of law.

Our attorneys focus on real-word business issues, which do not often fall into such constricted classifications. The traditional law firm offering “full service”, in which several attorneys are needed to respond to the various issues confronted in a case, is advantageous for the law firm – but inefficient for the client.

Our practice begins with the specific needs of each client, which shapes the services required. Our transportation and global logistics clients confront a variety of legal issues which require our ability to transcend specialized legal arenas. Most boutique practices in this industry are limited to specific aspects of the global logistics field, such as maritime, customs, aviation, motor and rail carriage. Our framework and comprehensive expertise are in place to handle the wide range of diverse legal dilemmas confronted by logistics entities which emerge from the multimodal transport utilized for international trade, which always blur the lines of the specialized fields.

Our clients include publicly traded entities and closely held business which see us as a go-to law firm to be used to avoid liabilities as well. These businesses look to our risk management expertise, derived from our vast litigation experience, to develop proactive strategies and draft complex contracts to protect their interests, minimize litigation risks, and to anticipate the next evolution of business. Our skills, grounded in litigation, enable us to give accurate advice to clients and solve problems before they arise. Our knowledge cannot be found in a treatise or law textbook, but is gained through experience on the front lines.

Our clients look to us to outsource or supplement general counsel services, including litigation and contractual undertakings. They recognize that we are independent, free-thinking lawyers looking to provide the best representation in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

While we have over 30 published cases, our greatest successes are in fact only known to our clients and their adversaries. Although we are more than ready to win at trial, we strive to resolve cases on favorable terms to avoid the expense a trial would mean to our clients. Our clients appreciate our discretion in this confidential, highly-competitive industry. Our clients’ business challenges are indeed our challenges as counsel, advisors and advocates.