Information Logistics

Information Logistics insurance

Logistics companies have evolved to be so much more than merely arrangers of freight, and now routinely assume 3PL and 4PL functions. The services provided include not only the transfer of goods, but of information as well.  In today’s technology-driven world, logistics services frequently implicate intellectual property and privacy rights.  Customers utilize software provided by the logistics providers or third parties, to place orders, track shipments, and plan their business. Logistics providers must protect the privacy interests of their customers as well as their own intellectual property rights.   Protecting these rights requires knowledge and experience of both IP issues and an understanding of the unique roles played by logistics providers.  Our attorneys combine these skills to provide effective, efficient solutions to minimize the threats to IP rights while facilitating business transactions.  Our attorneys have extensive experience preparing and negotiating complex agreements and will work side-by-side with decision-makers to effectuate successful business transactions.