Logistics and Transportation


Spector Rubin has learned the global logistics and transportation industry from the bottom up. Our experience is grounded in real world situations ranging from the warehouse to the boardroom, from the airport to the courtroom. Our Global Logistics and Transportation practice takes great pride in our experience that has included the establishment of several precedent-setting cases across the country. We have a practical understanding of the global logistics transportation industry that provides us an unparalleled insight into the structural and organizational issues confronting multinational corporations and local entities. Our thorough understanding of the myriad of functions and services that logistics entities perform provide us insight into the realities of the day-to-day operations. This affords us a practical framework that applies to all facets of our holistic and integrated approach to the representation of the industry.

Working alongside global logistics players, local freight forwarders, customs brokers, transportation intermediaries, air carriers, underwriters and insurance brokers, our team helps formulate insurance programs tailored to their specific needs. The relationships we have helped forge have been vital in coordinating litigation and risk management strategies. Our diagnostic skills enable us to assist our clients in business planning because we understand the practical operations.

We provide a wide array of legal services, including but not limited to bankruptcy, secured transactions, international law, government investigation response and white collar defense, and employment, and information technology focused upon transportation, logistics and international trade. We represent our clients locally, nationally and internationally. Having literally written the defense law in favor of the industry, we have a comprehensive understanding of applicable laws. Our team of lawyers working in concert provides cost-effective representation that is focused upon an in-depth awareness of the challenges and evolution of the industry.

We also provide risk management analyses for our clients, identifying internal and external matters pertaining to compliance monitoring and training in areas which can implicate regulations such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, U.S. Export Controls, economic sanctions, as well as special risks associated with the transportation of food, pharmaceuticals and other items, in a wide range of legal issues, including cargo loss, risk assessment, insurance, regulatory compliance and enforcement, and international law.